Advance Course

Advance Tuitions is designed for professional anlyst and traders to understand certain concepts, techniques and methods related to trading and/or investing.

The program aims to enable the individuals to understand the advanced concepts of Charting. It is designed to impart knowledge to the participants so as to enable them in effective decision making and making sustained profit over a longer period of time.

Reasons To Join
Topics Covered
Target Audience
Training & Fees
Forex Tuitions

These are the reasons why you join us

  1. Easy to understand: It is easy to understand as compared to fundamental analysis.
  2. Good for short/long-term: It is highly productive in short-term trading.
  3. Safety from Market Makers: It can help you in understanding price manipulation.
  4. Risk Management: Technical Analysis can be a good tool to manage your risk.
  5. Entry and Exit: Trader can find good entry and exit point and time.
  6. Price Forecasting: Technical Analysis is widely used for forecasting prices.
  7. Market Sentiments: Understand traders sentiment in the market.

These are the topics to be covered

  1. Introduction of Forex
  2. Economic Indicator
  3. Fundamental Research
  4. Chart patterns
  5. Advance Technical Indicators
  6. Dow Theory
  7. Elliott Wave Theory
  8. Swing Trading System
  9. Positional Trading
  10. Advance trading techniques
  11. Emotional Behaviour
  12. Money Management
  13. Trading platforms.

Any one can learn

  1. Students.
  2. Professional Traders.
  3. Risk Managers.
  4. Institutional Traders.
  5. Money Managers.
  6. Professional import and export dealers.
  7. Finance and accounting professional.

About the fees

  1. Program Fee : Rs 50,000
  2. Duration: 45 Days (Weekedays) 60 Days ( Weekend)
  3. Presented: Forex

  4. Note: Above fee is for training only.