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What is an Economic Calendar?

The Economic calendar is a powerful tool that list all important and up-to-date information about economic events in the financial industry. The statistics from the Economic news calendar help traders to analyze the situation of Forex market and then make plans on the basis of the collective information.

FX Tuition calendar cover the significant indicators, indexes and ratings like:

  • 1000+ economic events;
  • Live real-time monitoring for 50+ countries;
  • Classification by the event impact;
  • Customizable time zones based on your location;
  • Prices indices and financial indicators
  • Latest inflation and unemployment readings
  • Filtered by date, time, country, event, volatility impact or keyword
  • Mobile-friendly

What Are Economic Events?

The economic events are the news releases, report publications, statements by the government officials and other media that affect the price of the Forex quotes.

Here are some examples of notable economic events:

  • GDP Report Publications;
  • FOMC Minutes Publication;
  • Job Openings and Labor Turnover Survey Update;
  • Real-time tweets from expert analyst
  • ECB President’s Speech Regarding the Key Interest Rate;
  • Date and time of speeches and reports delivered by heads of global financial regulators.

Why Traders Need an Economic Calendar?

Economics is a field of study that certainly affected by real-world events uses the economic principles in practice by the followers of the fundamental analysis.

Economic calendar gather data for events and indicator analysis and help to predict the direction of the Forex market in the future. However, it can also be useful to follow Price Action strategies, to see the impact on the market volatility by the real-world events and list the actual impact on the currency.

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