Fund Manage

Forex Tuitions offers private investment services for private and institutional clients all around the world.

We are a Forex managed account provider,We aim to deliver powerful and risk-adjusted investment returns to our investors, achieving consistent performance through the quality of our people and experience.We are fully dedicated to seeking out and securing access to what we believe to be the highest calibre of superior investment opportunities in the FX markets; and bringing these opportunities to our clients.


A forex managed account is an account that is both traded and managed by an experienced money manager or a professional forex trader. With the most up to date trading technology, money managers and professional traders can pool a number of investors’ funds into a managed forex account. Investors will share in the profits and losses while fund managers have the ability to keep track of an individual’s funds, define risk parameters, and maintain investor confidentiality and security.

This Forex investment is all done under a totally transparent safe and secure business model. This means that we never handle client funds at any point and instead the client will retain complete control of their funds in an account in their own name at any(NFA/FCA regulated US/UK based Forex Broker).

Clients send their funds directly to their Live account and their funds are held within this regulated environment. Clients are the only ones with access to those funds and they have the ability to withdraw them at any point without penalty. The client can also stop trading at any point if they do not like what they see. This keeps the client in at all times.

New technology has made it possible to apply this transparent business model to managed forex, as the traders can now send duplicate trades into a client’s account without having any access rights to withdraw the client’s funds. This software is called a PAMM.

The client has the ability to view all live and past trades in their account, giving them total transparency and peace of mind at all times.

The Following are the benefits from fund managers to you, when they are trading instead of you
  • There is no need to spend the time for trading by the investor.
  • Fund manager carefully handle your money, they analyse the market status based on your investments.
  • Fund Managers well experienced team to trading. So the trader no needs to worry about the losses.
  • The Trader’s investment risks are minimized.
  • There is no chance to loss full amount of capital.
  • Fund Managers work instead of you. So your work burden is minimized.
  • The trader may affect by the emotional during the trading because of their greediness or fear etc. so the trader can’t maintain their stability. But Forex Fund Managers trading your money effectively without complexities.

Choose Your Portfolio

We offer wide range of services in Foreign exchange markets which includes portfolio management services, wealth advisory research, trading signals; webinars and seminars on enhance the trading skills.
Conservative Portfolio
This portfolio is designed for clients, who prefers no risk on the capital and prefers minimal returns of 60 percent per year or 5 percent per month.

How does it Work ?

1. Client has to open an account with our partner and share trading password with us.
2. An agreement between client and forex tuition stating profit above 5 percent can be withdrawn and any loss in client investment forex tuition is liable to pay.
3. Minimum lock in period is 3 months.
Moderate Portfolio
This portfolio is designed for clients who have risk tolerance up to 25 percent on the capital for better return of investment up to 15 percent per month.

How does it Work ?

1. Client has to open an account with our partner and share trading password with us.
2. An agreement between client and Forex Tuition stating expected return on investment is 10-15 percent per month and agreeing to share 25 percent of profit with Forex Tuition.
3. Loss up to 25 percent on capital will not be shared by forex tuition.
4. Any loss above 25 percent will be refunded by Forex Tuition.
5. No lock-in period.
50-50 Portfolio
This portfolio is for clients who is interested to take the maximum benefit on investment.

How does it Work ?

1. Client has to open an account with our partner and share trading password with us. 2. A agreement stating any profit or loss will be shared by shared between forex tuition and client