Technical Analysis

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Technical Analysis is based on a believe that history repeats itself. So, we can analyse past movement to forecast future prices. A technical analyst can us analysis for day trading, scalping or positional trades. It all depends on his personal nature.
Technical analysis course will help you in getting a good job. However, a good technical analyst can make millions for himself if he trades with proper emotional control and risk management.
The technical analysis course is a completely practical course with live market analysis. Starts with basics and makes you pro.

Course Overview
Curriculum Covered
Forex Tuitions

Here are the course overview

  1. Scientifically designed course by the market experienced knowledge team.
  2. Timing of buying and selling using Technicals f + Profit Booking as well as Loss Booking.
  3. Learn various trading techniques like swing trading, intra day trading, scalping and others
  4. Learn to create your own trading plan and style.
  5. Learn using various technical analysis software like metastock, meta trader, Falcon, Spider and Trade tiger.

The Advantage

  1. Access to Trading & Research Software like IMPACT, Falcon, Bloomberg, Ace Equity, Simulator, Excel etc.
  2. Full time one month course with focus on practical learning.
  3. Flip teaching methodology - Practical case study based delivery.
  4. PowerPoint and Multimedia based teaching.
  5. Placement Assistance.

Curriculum Covered in the course

  1. Introduction to Technical Analysis.
  2. Trend & Reversal Patterns.
  3. Candlestick Chart Patterns.
  4. Lean various trading techniques like swing trading, intraday trading, scalping and others.
  5. Major Indicators & Oscillators.
  6. Other Important Technical Indicators.
  7. Theories of Technical Analysis.
  8. Practical Training on Technical Analysis.
  9. Entry & Exit points.
  10. Risk Management Strategies.
  11. Price discovery and Forecasting.
  12. Proper money management system.

About the fees

  1. Total Class Hours : 2 Hrs , Weekly 8 Hrs, 1 month course
  2. Study material
  3. Mock Test
  4. Presented : Forex Tuitions
  5. Fee: INR 75,000