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A learning journey should begin with the basics, and this goes for the stock market as well. As a beginner you should aim to build a strong foundation of every aspect of the stock market.

Taking a certification courses on the basics can help you cover essential points like:

  1. The capital market  structure
  2. Fundamental Analysis;
  3. Technical Analysis;
  4. Mutual Funds; and
  5. Equity Investing, etc.

If you are new to the stock market, and you would like to invest for your financial goals on your own, this step is necessary.

Many people might already be aware of certain aspects of the market, but are now looking to build a full-time career in the market.

For them, a course of the fundamentals is a great start to their journey.

This course is an all-rounder when it comes to the basics of the financial markets. It also provides beneficial practical training and guidance through the mentors of the course.

Now, after picking up the basics, it is time to study and research the stock market. There are two methods to do this technical and fundamental analysis.

We can learn about each of these with certificate courses.

2. Technical Analysis Certification Courses:

Technical analysis is the study of historical data to forecast future price movements and make profitable trades. If you are looking to trade to achieve your financial goals, learning about the basics of technical analysis is a prerequisite.

However, its advanced practices are essential for anyone who wants to build their career as a full-time trader.

Some of the things you will learn include:

  1. Theories of technical analysis;
  2. Candlestick patterns;
  3. Indicators and oscillators; and
  4. Using popular trading strategies, etc.

A certificate course can help students learn about these advanced tools and indicators with exposure to strategies as well. It should also provide theoretical and practical knowledge to ace technical analysis.

Learn from Experts Certification in Online Technical Analysis

With hands-on practical training and guidance, students can learn to trade with their own strategies.

3. Certification Courses in Fundamental Analysis:

For those who want to take up the path of investing, fundamental analysis is a useful skill. Studying fundamental analysis can help students grasp the factors that can affect the long-term growth of investments.

In turn, they can make the most sensible and informed decisions to grow their portfolio.

For this, a course can help students learn about the practical applications of the results derived from fundamental analysis tools.

It can help you learn useful skills like:

  1. Basics of equity analysis;
  2. Industry analysis;
  3. Evaluation of business models;
  4. Corporate governance; and
  5. Evaluation of management, etc.

Become successful investment decision-maker Certification in Equity Research Analysis Course by Market Experts

4. Learning about Options Trading:

The equity segment of the stock market is where most beginners might participate. However, with growth in knowledge and experience, investors and traders can shift to newer segments of the stock market.

One of these segments is the derivatives market. Derivatives are instruments which derive their value from an underlying security. Options are the most popular derivatives, but they re also very risky.

Due to their risks, its best if an aspirant builds a strong theoretical knowledge base to help them achieve success practically.

Some of the things you will need to learn here include:

  1. Options terminologies;
  2. Open interest;
  3. Popular options trading strategies; and
  4. Options Greeks, etc.

This knowledge base can be built with a certificate course, and one of these is NSE Certification in Options Strategies.

With the theory taught in this course, beginners can get the right kind of knowledge to create their own options strategies as well.


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